A Weekend in Miami

A Weekend in Miami

By: Lucy B. When I think of Miami, many images begin to conjure up in my head

– bright neon colors, beautifully painted lifeguard houses, beach umbrellas, tall palm trees, and thoroughfares riddled with convertibles. There are different Miami’s that can capture the attention of many persons – the South Beach of stylish new hotels and restaurants, or the South Beach of yesteryear, of pastel Art Deco buildings, museums and monuments. Indeed, Miami can be whatever you’d like it to be, which is what makes it such a natural getaway. Reviewing Miami’s neighborhoods is a great way to understand exactly what you wish to pursue for your vacation. The infamous South Beach is ripe with trendy restaurants, bars for all budgets, and fashionable shops: the harmonious trinity of Miami’s fervor. The Art Deco District lives within South Beach, and it brims with glorious architecture and colorful personalities. Dance clubs and live music abound, inviting all to stay awake to greet the sun. Don’t be fooled by Miami’s thirst to stay awake – mornings and afternoons can be just as unforgettable in the city. Waterskiing, indulgent spas, world renowned art museums, and never ending beach strips are perfect for relaxing amid miles of white sand. Lummus Park on Ocean Drive offers beach volleyball and a playground, while South Pointe Park has interactive water features, a “tot lot” playground, and an observation deck. There’s no need to leave the beach for lunch, though there are plenty of waterfront restaurants. Simply pick up food at a nearby deli or grocery store, like Art Deco supermarket, before you unfurl your beach blanket. Choose your own adventure. Start in Miami.

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