Why Visiting Miami Beach in September is Worth It

Although Miami Beach is an exceptional getaway any time of year, a great

time to visit are in the months of August and September. The cheap fares and empty beaches will make your stay in Miami intimate. You’ll still be able to enjoy the low 70’s to mid 80’s weather. Worried about Hurricane season? Locals aren’t. Miami Beach has one of the toughest building codes in the country. Low prices and priority restaurant seating makes September in Miami unique and affordable. Labor Day weekend offers an impressive holiday weekend filled with sales and beach parties. “But isn’t September the rainiest month of the year?” An afternoon shower will usually last no longer than 15 minutes. The atmosphere created afterwards encompasses what Miami is truly about – the smell of sea salt and a sky the color of cotton candy. Besides, with fewer crowds you can relax and party in South Beach with us Miamians!

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